Macray SteeleMacray Steele

Macray Steele

Macray is a Fort Mill native that found his love for yoga in 2018 at Om Yoga. He was influenced to join Om by his friend (of 30+ years or so), owner, Amanda Henson when he served as a guinea pig for Amanda when she was completing her 200 hour teacher training. Since 2018 you can most likely find him at Om every day in a Power class or a Rocket class. He loves the practice and loves putting in the work in every class. He also loves the yoga community and the friendships he has developed over the years of his yoga journey. He was introduced to Rocket yoga early in his yoga journey and is a big believer in that style of practice as well as the philosophy of why the creator Larry Shultz created the style of Rocket yoga. He studied Rocket yoga under Jaimis Flynn as well as Pat McCleaf, completing 2 Rocket intensives with Jaimis. One of his favorite quotes from Larry Schultz is “Quiet the thinking mind, awake the feeling body”. After almost 5 years of a consistent practice he completed his 200 hour teacher training under Maria Lages and Jackie Dominas at Om in 2022. He is a “Deadhead” and loves the history of Larry teaching Rocket yoga to the band. He loves live music, traveling, and hanging out with friends. In his class you can expect a fun, diverse playlist and a challenging sequence that will have you wanting to come back for more.

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