Private Yoga Classes & Events for any Occasion

Private yoga classes give you a strong and stable foundation for growth in your yoga practice. The instructor caters the class to your individual needs, and assists you with proper form and alignment. You can ask questions and voice your need for modifications in certain poses. The class is all about you. We also offer group classes if you are interested in getting a group of friends, teammates, coworkers, or your family members to practice together!

Private Yoga - Woman doing a side angle yoga pose at Om Yoga
1-on-1 Private Yoga session available at Om Yoga in Fort Mill

1-on-1 Private Session

We recommend private yoga classes to beginners, those who have a lot of questions, clients who are more experienced and want to fine tune their practice, and students that want to learn more advanced postures or focus on specific needs.

Birthday Parties - Private Yoga available at Om Yoga in Fort Mill

Birthday Parties

At Om Yoga, we want to celebrate your happiest days with you. What better way to celebrate another beautiful year than with a blissful birthday bash with all your favorite people? We offer fun-filled private yoga parties for both kids and adults of any age. We customize the party just for you!

Sport Team Yoga - Private Yoga available at Om Yoga in Fort Mill

Sports Teams

Any coaches think their teams could benefit from breathing techniques or stretches to help them warm up or cool down? Let us work with your team to help them calm their nervous systems, increase flexibility, and get out of their heads by trying something a little different.

Corporate event Yoga - Private Yoga available at Om Yoga in Fort Mill

Corporate Groups

Team building at its finest! Enjoy yoga and want to share it with your co-workers? Or want to get people out of their comfort zone and encourage something new? Let us craft a private class to meet your needs.

Bachelorette Parties - Private Yoga available at Om Yoga in Fort Mill

Bachelorette Parties

We LOVE celebrating with bachelorettes! We can create a customized class just for you and your bridesmaids - custom music, decor, you tell us! We would love to be part of your special day.

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