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936 Market Street •  Fort Mill SC 29708  (803) 396-0493


Teacher: Joan Wolfe

I find the yoga mat to be a place of both comfort and discovery… two distinct voices finding harmony in spirit. I flirted with yoga as a teenager and returned to it years later during my pregnancies. It took several more years for me to realize yoga is my passion. The path is a way to fill in the blanks. Find the answers. Hear the questions. As the old saying goes: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Through the guiding hands of a few inspiring teachers, I came to discover the spiritual, physical and emotional power of yoga. In 2006 I obtained my prenatal yoga certification. I completed my power vinyasa and Samdhaana yoga teacher training in 2010. I remain first and foremost a yoga student and encourage a light-hearted approach to practice. I have been fortunate to study with many teachers and friends on my yoga journey. My gurus are big and small, noisy and joyfully quiet, family members as well as strangers I pass… and my gratitude for those connections opens my heart. I look forward to crossing paths with you on our yoga journey, too.