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We Offer Kids and Tween Classes every week!


Yoga is a complete art of living well, providing the opportunity to develop a supple, healthy physical body while stimulating creative thinking and intellectual growth at any age! This class is $50.00 for each child for the 4 weeks. All Kids must be registered and attend the full 4 weeks. Please Register through e-mail, phone or web to reserve a spot. 





Kids (7-10yrs) Tuesdays 3:45-4:45pm

This is the ideal age for children to learn proper yoga techniques and inspire them to live life to their fullest expression. This class will teach children how to exercise their body with foundational yoga poses and relax their mind in a fun environment.  By practicing various yoga poses and breathing techniques children’s flexibility will increase along with their balance, posture, strength and stamina.  Furthermore children will develop awareness which will give them insight to a new perspective of themselves and those around them.  Fostering emotional and spiritual growth is a key part of the class by learning how to balance emotions, relax and strengthen concentration. This class is also designed to build on their existing social skills by gaining self confidence, being more considerate of others while learning to work together as a whole. We cultivate creativity and imagination through songs, games and journaling. This class will give your child the roots to remain grounded in life and the wings to soar to their highest dreams!



Tweens (10-13yrs) Tuesdays 4:45-5:45pm

These special young adults are learning to think for themselves and have a totally fresh perspective, which makes them extremely inspired to learn. With the physical, social, academic and emotional changes in their lives, tweens are fortunate to have a solid yoga practice. This class is designed to build on existing foundational yoga poses to create a more advanced practice.  The young adults will feel better both physically and mentally along with having more energy.  Attention to individuality will be a priority along with creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. A lot of standing asanas and backbends will be incorporated into the class as a reminder to keep the heart open and to counter our sedentary lifestyle hunching over ipads. It’s important to give these overstressed and over stimulated tweens an opportunity to rest, reflect and provide a lot of encouragement. Various breathing and meditation techniques will be employed to train their minds to observe their thoughts and remain grateful for all of life’s circumstances.  The centering techniques learned in class can be applied to enhance sports performance and calm pre-test nerves.  The beneficial yogic principals that are learned on their yoga mat will get transferred into the real world so they become more peaceful, balanced and compassionate young adults.






 Kids/Tween Teacher: Whitney Carter

 Whitney’s passion for yoga began in 1999 when she was introduced to her first class.  As a lifetime athlete she found yoga to be a great healing modality to the harsh impact competitive sports has on the body.  She has competed in Junior Olympics in swimming, AAU Nationals in basketball, National Championship in horseback riding and was Conference Champion in golf.  She received her degree in Psychology with an emphasis on the developmental years from Winthrop University. In 2009 she received her RYT200 Yoga Alliance certification from Kristin Cooper-Gulak of the Wilmington Yoga Center.  She has been teaching children, adults, athletes and special populations ever since.  Whitney is a proud mother of two wonderful boys. She attributes yoga to keeping her body healthy and mind calm for both of her natural child births. She has maintained a vegetarian diet for the past decade. Whitney has the pleasure of merging her passions into one great experience. Creating a sacred space for personal growth, her classes incorporate many teaching methods and theories along with understanding the self into a holistic yoga experience. Children love to express themselves freely and as their teacher I am thrilled to help them tap into their inner source for inspiration. We will share oneness, interdependence, self confidence & fun with those in their formative years through the wonderful practice of yoga!


936 Market Street •  Fort Mill SC 29708  (803) 396-0493